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Styling essentials (textures) – with Katie Fleisner

Recently we sat down with our head stylist – Katie Fleisner to talk about the upcoming wedding season. We wanted to understand how she uses different textures to create the unique looks our couples get to enjoy. But before we get into that we asked her if she had an all time favourite.

Do you have an all time favourite styled shoot?

One of my favourite styled shoots would have to be the one we did at the Sandringham YC expo. Every time i look at it, it gets me thinking about the different textures and elements we added to the tables. And I get super excited about the wedding season ahead, knowing I will get to work with lots of these. As well as some new textures and styling pieces in the coming season ahead!

Whimsical styled shoot
Whimsical styled shoot

How do you go about finding the perfect mix of layers and textures when styling?

It all begins with the design and styling phase. We love this phase as we get to do a lot of touching and feeling of beautiful and unique pieces and products to ensure a beautiful on trend design for our clients.

Some of these elements can be a main focus for a sit down reception or even a dinner party amongst family and/or friends. The details on the tables will ensure your guests are wowed and their sensors will be delighted from the moment they sit down to enjoy the celebrations of your day.  A big no, no however is taking functionality away from the tables. There is nothing worse than having too many elements on the tables that your guest cannot relax and enjoy their space.

How do you decide what elements make the final design?

Things to consider when layering is to start with a blank table and working up, but also working from the outside of the table into the middle centerpiece area. A few things to note before you start is what does the venue provide, what do you like and don’t like, what space does the venue need on the tables for drinks, what food is being served, bread rolls – how? etc. Take a note of this and then let the styling begin.

Here is a list of layering elements to have a think about and potentially consider when designing the tables. Designs will be different depending on the theme and style you are going for, be sure to look at different textures, colour tones and varying heights however don’t do too much as this can be too overwhelming for guests.

  • Table Linens
  • Napkins
  • Napkin rings
  • Charger plates
  • Crockery
  • Cutlery
  • Glassware
  • Candles
  • Flowers
  • Stationary (Table Numbers, Place Cards, Menus)
  • Bonbonnieres
  • Chairs

Be Sure to check out our full Reception Styling Price Guide Tool… This is super handy when working out your styling Budget or get in touch to discover more about our styling service and how we can help you create your dream look.

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