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How to re-purpose your wedding flowers

Share the Love – Re-purpose your Wedding Flowers

Your big day has come to and end and looked amazing. Beautiful linens, gorgeous candlelight and stunning florals. While most elements are packed carefully away, what do you do with the lovely fresh flowers? Apart from gifting arrangements to guests, there are a few more ways to share the love and re-purpose your wedding flowers. 

Wrapped and ready to go. 

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If you would like guest to take a floral momemto home from your big day, why not set up a wrapping station with simple brown paper, decorative ribbon, scissors and tape. Upon leaving, guests can pick a handful of beautiful blooms, wrap them up and enjoy them for days to come. 

A touching gesture.

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Who doesn’t love an unexpected bunch of flowers? Perhaps consider dropping your wedding florals to residents at local aged care facilities and hospital patients.  

Once your reception has wrapped up and you’re honeymoon bound, ask a friend or family member to take arrangements and bouquets home and either pop them in water or a cool dry spot overnight. Be sure to allocate the job to someone who is able to deliver them the following day. It is also advisable to discuss your plans with the facility’s manager to ensure it’s all ok. 

Say it with flowers.

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Sending thank you’s are usually the final task on your to do list. This one will take a little bit of forethought but could turn your thank you notes in to a lasting keepsake. 

Ask a friend or family member to take a number of arrangements home and dry petals or flower heads. Once dried, include pressed flowers with your personalised notes.

There are so many thoughtful ways to re-purpose your wedding flowers and ensure that others can experience the joy from the flowers you chose.

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