Styled shoot – wood, marble and donuts at the Sandringham Yacht Club

There is so much to love about being part of a styled shoot, especially when it gives you the chance to bring one of your own concepts to life. For months we have been drooling over marble and the opportunity to use it alongside wood. But not your old fashioned wood slices. This summer you will see wood being used in a more modern elegant way, as shown here as a charger plate layered on top of our marble placemats. Soft greys continue to be on trend and we loved adding gold accents like cutlery and foiling to each setting.

The centrepiece was made up of a range of elements showing couples how you can create balance. Floral tones varied from whites and soft pinks to your deeper burgundies adding warmth to the table and ensured that the touches of pink used elsewhere were accentuated. Marbled vessels were used along with a range of tea lights and we just love how much value the donuts add to the overall look, not to mention how good they would taste later on in the night when guests are having a break from the dance floor.

Hanging installations also continue to trend and in this shoot we wanted to highlight how less is sometimes more.


Of course the above look could not have been created without the help and generosity of our industry friends who were as passionate about our vision as we were.

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