Guest List Blues

The venue is booked, budget is set and guest list finalised. Or is it? You still need to cut 30 people but don’t know how to do it! Follow some of these tips and you might just get there!

Tip #1: Limit your parents’ invites. If you have never spoken to, met, or heard the name of a particular guest, he gets cut, even if dad swears they’re close as clams.

Tip #2: Single friends who want to bring a significant other only get an “and guest” if they’ve been in the relationship for a year or more (or live with the person).

Tip #3: Real (not Facebook) friends only. If you haven’t talked to somebody in more than a year or don’t stay in current contact via email, skip them.

Tip #4: Office Politics – Deciding which coworkers to include depends on how big your office or department is. A good rule of thumb is that if you socialize outside of work and have the person’s home number and use it, you should probably invite them.

Tip #5: Make a non-negotiable list. This is the short list of people that absolutely must be at your wedding. Anyone not essential (no, we don’t mean people you don’t like, but rather colleagues you might be able to skip) should be added to the B list. These are people you would enjoy having at your wedding but who cannot be extended an offer in the first round.

Tip #6: Cut entire categories. No kids, no co-workers, no dates — or none of the above.

So you’ve followed these points — and you still have too many names on your guest list. Well it’s ok to invite approximately 10 percent more guests than your target number, since between 10 and 20 percent of those invited will decline. If you’re still struggling try to focus on people who are relevant to your life now… and who will be relevant five years from now. You know that couple you keep bailing on dinner plans with? They can probably go to the bottom of your guest list for now.

by Angela Fragiacomo (angela@onedayyourway.com.au)

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