What separates One Day, Your Way from other wedding planners?

Our vision is to make every couple’s wedding day as unique as you are. We spend time with each couple so that we can discover what makes you as a couple special and then present fresh and inspiring solutions that will ensure your wedding day is original and a true reflection of you as a couple. We also understand that weddings can be expensive and we love the challenge of working within a couple’s budget, again taking the time to really understand what you want included in your wedding day before presenting you with a series of creative solutions. Finally as a team, you will be able to count on us in the lead up, on the day and afterward as we work harmoniously together.

Why should I use a wedding planner, when I can do it all myself?

Wedding planners have industry knowledge, having learned through previous experience which suppliers can provide you with the highest quality service at the best price. Not everyone has the time to source quotes, look at venues, complete a budget and meet with suppliers. A wedding planner can assist you with these items as well as helping turn your ideas of your perfect wedding into reality. One Day, Your Way can help you plan the wedding of your dreams, while saving you valuable time & money in the process.

How do you choose what suppliers to use?

One Day, Your Way can provide you with a number of our preferred suppliers for all aspects of your wedding. We have chosen these as our preferred suppliers based on the high quality of service they provide, glowing recommendations they have been given and a guaranteed value for money they provide clients. We can also assist you in choosing the right supplier for you based on your wedding style and budget requirements.

Can you take full control of the entire event?

This is your wedding and One Day, Your Way prides itself on collaborating with you to provide the guidance and inspiration to turn your dream wedding ideas into reality. One Day, Your Way will be as involved as you would like us to be, it is completely up to you.  We take our direction from you, creating unique solutions and helping with those important decisions when and if we’re needed

If I have already hired my suppliers do I really need a wedding planner?

We understand many couples like to plan and organise their own wedding, but they also want to relax and enjoy the lead up to the wedding and more importantly the wedding day itself. They also don’t want to impose duties on their bridal party, family & friends in the lead up to or on the wedding day.  There are supplier deliveries, set ups and pack downs, scheduling, quality checks, confirmations, timelines, appointments and most importantly budgets to stick too in every wedding.

One Day, Your Way will ensure all of these are covered, and executed to perfection. We are not only your wedding planner, but also your personal assistant from the day you become a part of One Day, Your Way, through to your wedding day.

Do you have a contingency plan for inclement weather?

One Day, Your Way will work with you to ensure you have a Plan B, just incase the weather is unkind on your wedding day.

Will I receive a better price for my ceremony decorations if I hire One Day, Your Way  as my wedding planner?

Yes, our Ceremony and Reception packages do include some decorations and for any additional decorations required for your wedding will ensure they are from a preferred supplier at a price that will meet any budget!

Are you able to help me with my budget?

Definitely!  We are here to assist you with all your wedding day needs, including assistance with your budget.  It is our job to ensure you stay within your budget requirements while still creating a day to remember.

What happens if we decide to meet with you?

One Day, Your Way will provide you with a short survey to complete when you first make contact. This will provide us with valuable information for our initial consultation and will ensure that your 60 minutes will be used effectively. One Day, Your Way want to provide you with value for money during that 60 minutes and hope that you walk away thinking my dream wedding can be a reality!

Preferably we would like to meet face to face over a coffee for the initial consultation, however if time or distance does not allow this, correspondence can be carried out via phone, email, Skype or FaceTime.

We will then provide you with a package proposal for you to review before making any decisions. Throughout the whole process you will receive our full support which means you can telephone or email us at any time.

Where do I start?

Think about what you & your fiancé want from your wedding day, what your budget may be, review the one day, your way website and then call or email us to discuss further. We have all experienced the joy’s and pressures of planning a wedding and we would be honored if you considered One Day, Your Way to help relieve some of those pressure’s and hope that we can share in your joy as you plan that unique day you always dreamed of.