Bridesmaid Dresses

Pick a day, grab the girls and go shopping!! Sounds like a lot of fun to me!!

However before you hit the shops, do a bit of pre planning and research. Chat to your bridesmaids, so you have an idea of what they like, and don’t like; what they think will suit their figure, and what they will be comfortable wearing. Pick a few different colours, if you don’t have one in mind just yet and consider what time of the year you are getting married. There is nothing worse than a bride & groom saying their vows and them being overshadowed by a teeth chattering bridesmaid standing nearby, looking amazing in her knee length, shoestring strap silk bridesmaid dress and killer heels but they are freezing from the winter weather.

Most bridesmaids will be very accommodating to the bride and will agree on anything to make their bride happy, but subconsciously they could be beginning to dread the day because they dislike the dress they have to wear.  I know you asked for their honest opinions, but sometimes a bridesmaid just wants the bride to be happy because of course the day is about the bride so they will agree on anything. You know your bridesmaids and sometimes what you like and want may not suit them, so bare this in mind. Having your bridesmaids looking their best and feeling comfortable can make your wedding photos amazing, your day stress free and everyone happy around you. It will make for an even better day and night when they are not tugging and pulling at their outfit or sitting the whole time at their table trying to hide.

Once you have established what your bridesmaids like try and incorporate each of their tastes and find a dress that suits them all. Easier said than done I know! Use google to find inspiration and ideas, shop until you drop as you never know what you can find out there at the shops, but also keep in the back of your mind that there are fantastic dress makers out there that could design what you want and make the dresses to fit, so don’t stress if you don’t find it on the rack. Having a dress maker make your bridesmaid dresses can be just as cost effective as buying off the rack.

Traditionally bridesmaids have all worn the same dress, however an increasing number of brides are choosing a colour and then letting their bridesmaids design or find a style that suits them. This can look amazing and keep everyone happy and comfortable as the styles suit each bridesmaid.

Then there are the bold brides that let their bridesmaids choose the colour and style they want, so all 3 are in completely different dresses and colours. This is definitely something that can work really well, so again don’t be afraid to give it a go.

You also need to consider who is paying for the dress, if it is your bridesmaids, try not to make them have to take out a loan for your wedding day. But always remember, ultimately it is the Brides decision as it is your wedding, but finding a happy medium will keep all parties happy and this part of your wedding fun and stress free.

So now that it is time to shop, have fun with the girls, enjoy this time as you have chosen your bridesmaids because they are your friends or your family, you enjoy their company and you have lots of fun with them. So try to make this part of your wedding just that. Fun & happy as it should be!

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