Before & After – Stylish ways to Transform your wedding Venue

Starting with a ‘blank canvas’ for a Reception room can seem daunting at first but here are a few tips to help you along and create the setting you are after.


Lighting can be an amazing addition to any room! Check out Heidi & David’s room transformation above. They had Up lights along both walls in a Light Gold colour to bring in a soft, romantic tone they were wanting in the room, transforming it from a stark corporate function room to a ambient, warm room. Loved it! You can use lighting to ensure guests eyes are drawn away from the elements of the room you are not so happy with which might be the carpets or curtains. You can completely change the mood of a room with lighting and it is not limited these Up lights, this also includes fairy lights which can be hung along ceilings, down draping, behind bridal tables or even on your tables as part of the centrepiece. You can be as creative as you like with lighting!

Table Centrepieces

Table Centrepieces can be the first thing when you walk into a Reception Room to catch your eye if you want them to be. The use of Flowers is the most popular choice in a table centrepiece but why not, flowers are beautiful, can smell amazing, come in an abundance of colours and can be used in so many ways to capture your guests attention. You can have tall arrangements, full arrangements, low lying arrangements, cluster arrangements just to name a few. But you don’t always have to use flowers, depending on your theme you may opt for something completely different. For example if your theme is a Beach theme, you can scatter Sand in the middle of the Table with Star Fish, Shells, Candles, drift wood etc. Don’t be afraid not to use flowers, as you can capture your guests attention in very clever and unique ways that will have them talking all night and focusing on this. Even the Table number should be considered important as these are one of the first things guests look for when finding their tables. You may use Countries you and your partner have travelled too as the Table Number, or a love story theme, songs etc – these can add a bit of fun to your tables too.



I love draping in a room that needs quite a bit of styling attention! I think it can be used to amazing effect and can transform any room. It can be used to drape along the ceilings and soften the mood, it can also be used to hide wall paper and walls creating a soft atmosphere. This also combined with Up lights can have the most amazing effect transforming your room into whatever colour you want it to be! You can even work with companies to produce a 3D image of what the room might look like once you have added in all of your detai.


Floor Plan

Your Floor Plan must not be taken lightly. Most Venues have their preferred set ups and most have it right depending on your number of guests, but be sure to check that the set up is how you want it to be and that you and your guests have the best views possible throughout the night. All guests want to be able to see the Bride & Groom, the MC and the Dancefloor. So be sure to make all tables within view of these elements. If your numbers are high for a room that normally caters for smaller numbers, raising a bridal Table should be considered. That way the Bride & Groom can see everyone enjoying themselves all night but your guests have complete view of them also. This was used in Heidi & David’s room –


Chair Covers and Table Overlays

A lot of reception centres are updating their chairs to be more modern, however these still tend to be Black. Black chairs can work for some weddings especially if your theme is black and white but not limited to this, but for some weddings it just won’t look quite right. There are lots of different chair covers out there with the majority of brides choosing white, but  you can be bold and opt for a colour. This can transform your venue into a sea of fun and bright colours if you choose, drawing guests eyes to your bold choice of colour that is popping everywhere around the room. How fun. Table overlays can be used in a similar way also, to capture your attention with funky swirls, or to soften your overall look. Be sure to check out our Brighton Savoy Wedding Styling where we had so much fun with our Black & White Theme –


Other Styling/Prop Elements

These can include Photobooths, Lounge Areas, Candy Bars, Dessert Bars, Games areas etc. You are not limited to providing your guests with something a little extra and to ensure the styling around these areas is not forgotten so this draws your guests attention away from the ‘boring’ elements of the room. These can also be used in place of bonbonniere’s and be such a fun element incorporated in your reception. You might also use props within your theme to draw guests’ attentions and keep them entertained through the evening. But as mentioned above don’t forget the little details around these areas, such as flowers, family wedding photos in frames, lollies in your colour scheme as you don’t want to make these items look like they are just plonked.

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