5 hottest wedding trends of 2019

With the summer of 2019 drawing to a close, we’ve taken the time to look back on the hottest wedding trends we have seen so far. We also take a look into our very own glass styling ball, so you can what wedding trends you can expect to see over the coming months.

1)  Velvet

Image by Going Lovely

Thanks to a sophisticated range of velvet cocktail and lounge furniture in recent years, velvet is now making its way into tablescapes. Due to the emergence of different velvet toned napkins and runners. The great news is trend suits both pastel and moody palettes so I’m sure it will catch your eye across all seasons.

2)  Refined elegance

One wedding trend that will continue to prevail throughout 2019 is the pull towards refined elegance. An immaculate place setting—free of virtually everything but your charger, placecard, and napkin, will not only provide you with a classic and simple aesthetic but it is also photographically and spatially pleasing.

3)  Sophisticated candle selection

Pillar candles at varying heights have been a hit for a while now, but in 2019 you can expect stylist’s to become even more sophisticated with their candle selection. Coloured taper candles, opulent holders and metallic touches will be woven into your tablescape to create an unexpected yet beautiful finish to tables everywhere.

4)  Colourful flatware and crockery

Colourful flatware provides a rich contrast and unexpected hue to your tablescape. Which when coupled with a modern charger and entrée plate you end up with an exquisite look that will have your guests talking for days.

5)  Neon

Now that chalkboards are over, YAY, couples are turning to neon. Impressive on their own, they can create the ultimate statement piece for your day, when  combined with floral.

And finally The Meghan Effect

Thanks to the Duchess of Sussex’s you can expect to see more unique floral and greenery installations in 2019. The more natural and organic the better, and when transferred to the table these elements combined with a touch of metallic will ensure tables look both formal and welcoming.

Let us know which wedding trends you agree with and what other wedding trends have caught your eye so far this year.

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Written by Angela Fragiacomo, Creative Director, One Day Your Way



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